Essential Oils … Oh My Goodness!!

I recently went to a class at Cancer Support Communities North Texas about essential oils (EO). Even though I have heard about and of essential oils for quite some time, I have never really gotten into them. I’ve bought the odd bottle of lavender or peppermint at Walmart, but that’s about the extent of it.

I hear anyone who is “into” essential oils groaning when they read that I purchased mine at Walmart. Walmart, Target, vitamin stores – none of these sources are supposed to have the best oils available. Well, I’m not sure they’re even considered to have adequate oils available.

So, since I attended the class, I have immersed myself in the world of essential oils. I have visited so many essential oil company Web sites that my head spins. I’ve read “Top 10 Essential Oil Companies” blogs ad nauseum.

What I’ve Learned so Far

I’ve come to a conclusion. Well, I’ve come to several conclusions, actually.

  1. Don’t believe what you read on the Internet. I can’t tell you how many of the “Best of” blogs list companies that sell their essential oils in 4 oz. bottles for $12.00. It is unlikely that these oils are going to be the best you can buy. But, you know, there are affiliate links to be considered…
  2. If the “Best of” blogger has links to affiliate sites, well, I think I am going to take their advice with a grain of salt. I think they are more interested in making a buck than in providing reliable information. Everyone can and should do their own due diligence, but that’s my conclusion.
  3. When I decided to jump into the EO world, I entered like a bull in a china cabinet. I’ve done some research, yes, but reading information in books and on the Internet is not the same as doing business with a company and understanding how good their oils actually are.
  4. After spending several hundred dollars on oils from various vendors (Young Living, Essential Oil Labs (through Amazon), Plant Therapy, and Eden’s Garden), I have concluded that I should have (a) waited before jumping in head first with my Young Living purchase and (b) ordered small quantities of oils from the vendors before purchasing an entire kit.

I have purchased lavender oil, among others, from the various vendors. I haven’t received my orders from Eden’s Garden or Plant Therapy yet – the delayed gratification is killing me! I’ve been waiting for the kits to arrive for a week! In this day and age of being spoiled by Amazon Prime, the wait seems like forever.

Both orders – Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden – should be arriving today and tomorrow. I can’t wait! I have recipes (boy, do I!) ready to try and I have two diffusers waiting to be filled.

High Hopes

I have high hopes for the coming oils. I do not like the concept of multi-level marketing and I do not like the high prices charged by companies like Young Living and doTERRA. I’m not knocking their products. By all accounts, they’re excellent. I just think (and hope) that I can purchase oils of similar quality for far less money.

So, that’s my mission. I’ll share as I go.


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