The GREAT State Fair of Texas – Take 1

Gary, Robert, RW, Kim and I headed out to the GREAT State Fair of Texas yesterday. We were a motley crew. I have lung cancer, Kim has back problems, Robert is just not all that healthy … but we went anyway. And, we had great fun!

Kim had never been to the GREAT State Fair of Texas before and Gary hadn’t been in 40 years or so. Robert, RW and I went last year. Robert and I went more than once. I love to go to the Fair. I call this post “Take 1” because I am hoping that I get to go at least once more before it closes in mid-October.


Big Tex:  WELCOME to the GREAT State Fair of Texas!!!
Big Tex, a 55 foot talking statute, first appeared at the 1952 State Fair.

I am trying to be humorous with my GREAT State Fair of Texas comment. I said it a lot … especially when we first got there … because the State Fair of Texas is quite large. And, I said it in my very best Texas accent … and I have a pretty prominent accent without even trying!!

We had lots of fun, lots of laughter. My favorite kind of day.


Map of the Great State Fair of Texas

Here’s a little history about the Texas State Fair:


  • The first State Fair was hosted in 1886 at Fair Park in Dallas. The fair is still held in Fair Park.
  • More than $600 million is pumped into the Dallas economy during the three-week fair. Fairgoers can entertain themselves on more than 70 amusement rides and 370,000 sf of exhibits. A favorite for nearly everyone is the Auto Show, which features the newest cars and trucks on the market.
  • More than 200 locations on the fairgrounds serve food. Every kind of junk food imaginable is available! Come ready to spend some $$$ on food … and come prepared to NOT eat healthy!!
  • Since 1992, the fair’s scholarship program has awarded more than $4.5 million in new and renewed college grants to eligible students.


The annual GREAT State Fair of Texas provides many temporary jobs.
It is a big economy boost for Dallas.


Hi All! Here we are at the GREAT State Fair of Texas!!
Gary, Robert, Donna, RW, and Kim – Ready to have some fun!
It looks like Gary and I are cheering but we’re really just holding back the tree limbs!

While it is late September, the weather is not cooperating. It still feels like summertime in Texas. I wonder if we are ever going to get some cool weather? And maybe some rain? Usually, the Fair brings rain. It has been going on a week now and hasn’t brought a drop. Which is great for the Fair operators and goers, but terrible for our lakes and yards and water table.

The Midway

We rarely … and I do mean rarely … walk through the Midway. We are way too cheap to play the games or ride the rides, so why bother? For some reason, we chose to go through there yesterday. It made for some good photo opportunities. Gary played one game. Otherwise, we saved our money!


Here we go!!! Entering through the old gate!


Kim and RW were good sports!! Cute!!


Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. The best! First sold in 1942 at the
Great State Fair of Texas!
A single stand may sell as many as 400,000 corny dogs
during the 3-week fair!








Piano Playing Skeletons!


And, a sucker born every moment (sorry, Gary!! :))


Make it a good toss, Kim!!


Our “money” is on the Cowboys… but, the toss didn’t land there 🙁


The Great Texas Star Ferris Wheel -the 2nd largest Ferris wheel in
North America (Puebla, Mexico debuted a larger one on 7/22/13.
Texas Star is 212 feet tall and can carry up to 264 passengers in its 44 gondolas.


Ride the Texas Skyway, the gondolas that take visitors on a short ride 65 feet above the
ground. The ride can carry 5,000 people an hour. I haven’t ridden them yet, but
I hope to do so soon.


Bubble Man. Love the toy!


Minions and sock monkeys!!

People Watching

If the Fair is good for anything, it is people watching. I love to people watch!!! And take pictures of people! No doubt, I am the subject of someone else’s people watching fun! And, that’s okay. Here are a few of my people-watching pictures… They’re just for fun.

Lots of colorful tattoos. Lots of them…
I would like to have the $$$ that it cost to get them all.


The city’s finest broke up their little party when they noticed I photographed them…




Master BBQer. His booth smelled w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.


I know. Cowboy boots and long shirts worn as a dress are accepted.
I’m old. What can I say?


What can I say?


I ran into her over and over again.


This kid was unhappy about something…
It made me happy I had no small children with me.


I have no idea who these jailbreakers are …
but they photobombed Big Tex (I didn’t even notice them
until I looked at my pictures later!)

Tractors and More

Don’t ask me why, because I have no answer, but we always spend some time looking at the tractors. And daydreaming about needing one. This year was no exception.

These two guys should be brothers. By heart, I think they are.



Don’t you just wish you needed one of these?


Home on the Farm

There are lots of different animals shown at the Great State Fair of Texas. We enjoy looking at them, especially RW and I. There are very few animals that I have ever met that I don’t like … We didn’t visit too many yesterday. Robert was starting to get tired and impatient to go.

Big Tex’s 8-year-old Steer.
His horns are 60″ from tip to tip.
Eats 40 lbs of feed and drinks 30 gallons of water a day.
Those horns must be a real pain…



Wish this had been going on when we passed by!


The cattle were all groomed so nicely. Washed and blow dried.


This pretty specimen loved to stand in front of the fan. Its fur looked so
soft. It blew in the wind of the fan.


Wishing for a softer pillow …


Gigantic!!! And resting its head on its front paw!


State Fair of Texas Milking Parlor! Wish they’d been milking
when we were there.
Pork anyone?


It was very friendly. I petted it. It was definitely not soft.


Ducklings and chicks. Cute.


Most years when we go to the Fair, we buy a bunch of stuff that we never, ever considered needing or even wanting. Until we see it at the Fair. We have a very nice bed, ironing board, and more … all courtesy of various State Fairs of Texas.

This year, we agreed before we ever went through the gates that we neither need nor can afford anything. So, let’s not even pause at the massage chairs, hot tubs, or fancy $25,000 sewing machines we don’t know how to use. We do not need them. We cannot afford them. Pass on by!!!


Resolve … and Here we Go!!!!!!!!!
Every good Texan needs a cowboy hat! Especially a pink or purple one!


Gary fell first … for a handwriting analysis


He paid for Robert to have his handwriting analyzed, too.


We all agreed.  Robert’s analysis did not fit him at all. Sigh.


Hey Gringo!!! That hat is a bit too big!!


Fancy boots … and more pink and purple Cowboy hats.


You NEED these gutters!


Yeah … we weren’t supposed to pause at the hot tubs, boys!!!


These chairs rock! Literally!


Oh!!! I think I need one of these. Don’t I?


Peeking!! Did your resolve hold??



Robert was ready to leave until we reminded him that we hadn’t seen the vehicles yet. That’s always a favorite place for us. If we daydream about tractors, you can imagine how we enjoy looking at the cars and trucks! Whether we need a new vehicle or not.



Having lots of fun at the fair!


Fun game. The guys really enjoyed this one.


This baby had a lovely price tag of over $75,000.


At least it would be supporting our local economy if we bought one.



Another game, but it didn’t draw the crowd the Dodge Viper Challenge did.


Day Dreaming about a BIG Red 3/4 ton truck.




Did you know? That’s A LOT of pickup trucks!


Loved the way this one was set up. No price tag on the truck…



Big Tex – overlooking the trucks!


Right or Wrong?

The fairgrounds are home to a memorial for fallen Texans during the Vietnam War. The memorial is usually a solemn place where there is time to reflect on the sacrifices made by thousands of young Texans.

At the Fair this year, the grounds directly across from the memorial were used for games and hawking. My son, in particular, had a problem with the location. There were people near the memorial, but they were mostly using it as a place to sit. No thought was being given to the men memorialized.

What do you think?


The Wall to the right … and military flags to the left … Usually a solemn memorial


But, this year, a playground…



No one seems to even realize what sits beside the games…


Just a place to run and play…


Beauty at the Fair

Some of these landmarks and displays don’t really fit in any of my categories, but they caught my eye. I want to share them here because I may never look at the 900 pictures in my Picasa folder again. Yep, 900-plus!! You only THOUGHT I had posted a bunch of pictures here. I have really had to pick and choose to decide what to share here.

And, yes! In case you are wondering, I DID still have time to enjoy the fair!!!








State of Texas flag.


Singing in a treehouse!


Swan boats. I think these may be there year-round.


Giant dandelion sculpture


Love the water features and the red and white flowers


Can’t really see it well, but the metal sculpture is a big pelican.


Cute little display


Haha! No stroller parking! I laughed.


Another nice display. It comes to the Fair every year.


The esplanade where a laser show took place after dark


Questions, anyone? Here’s your mark!




The Music Hall. The sky was beautiful.


I love sunflowers. A small little patch was blooming at the fair.


Mounted police by Big Tex.
They drew a crowd.


The Texas Star – All lit up.


The gondolas light up at night. I think it would be fun to ride during the day
and again at night.



Every night, the Fair closes with a fireworks show. We were not near where the fireworks were shot nor did I have my camera set up properly. But, here are a few of the pictures I took.










Good night and good bye!


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