Live Today

This morning I got up to the news that a 30-year-old, larger-than-life man passed away from his lung cancer. Thirty years old.

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity of knowing him or his bride of four months. But, I’ve been reading his story on Facebook and looking at the pictures that have been posted of his smiling face, even in the face of a horrible disease ravaging his body. He loved life. He embraced life. And, now, he leaves behind a trail of mourning.

I am so saddened. Another young person lost to lung cancer. How many more will be lost before we realize that …

  1. lung cancer happens to people with lungs
  2. lung cancer is an epidemic far worse than any opioid epidemic is. Hello? Did you know that 433 people die each DAY from lung cancer? Four HUNDRED thirty-three A DAY.
  3. and, as evidenced by the death of John Cherol, it happens to young people, not just old ones. More and more and more, it is a young man or woman whose life is cut short by this insidious disease. Not smokers. Not your granny. No. Someone who has their whole life ahead of them.

And, when I went on Facebook just now to be sure I had John’s name right, I was dumbfounded to see that my friend Jennie Baumann, only 44 years old, has also passed away. One of the 433 a day. My heart is broken. Three girls, left without their mom.

Why does lung cancer happen to such nice people? To people with so much to give? With so many who love them? People who are so full of life and who have so much life ahead of them?

When is it going to stop? Where is the outrage?

The purpose of this post was going to be to live today. Tomorrow isn’t promised. That’s still true.

Today. Live today. Tomorrow is not promised.

But, really … it is going to be transformed into a post that asks, that demands to know …