Happy 2018

Did you watch the ball drop on 2017? If you were diagnosed or had a rough time of it in 2017, you are probably happy to see that year go by.

My 2017 could have been classified as tough, I guess. My cancer that hadn’t grown for 4 years decided to grow again.  That wasn’t good.

We have had some personal challenges totally unrelated to cancer. They have been very frustrating and maddening.

But, 2017, the challenges have been faced …

For the first time since my cancer was diagnosed, the tumor in my neck has been obliterated by radiation! That’s great news! Even better, a tumor in my lungs that hadn’t grown or shrunk over the last 4.5 years shrank! It is nearly half the size it was before I had radiation to the tumor in the lymph node in my neck.

I passed some milestones during 2017: I celebrated (?) my five-year cancerversary – I have lived with cancer for over five years now! That’s pretty awesome for someone with stage IV lung cancer. (But, I am never quite sure if I should “celebrate” the fact that I have cancer … even when it is celebrating that I have carried it around with me for five years … that I am still here five years later… You know? It’s a conundrum.)

That’s not all! I celebrated 100 infusions of Opdivo. I wish I knew how many other people in the world can say the same. I am guessing we are a very small club.

Despite the challenges presented to our family during 2017, we’re doing fine. I would say that 2017 was a good year.

Nevertheless, we are ready to welcome 2018! We look forward to seeing what it has in store for us.

Southern tradition for New Year’s Day – Black Eyed Peas

We are not actually superstitious, but it is a Southern tradition to eat Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day for good luck. I made a huge pot of peas for my husband and me… We have lots of peas to eat later on this year! They were really good … let’s hope they bring us the promised luck!! 🙂 🙂

Wishing you the best there is for 2018! Good health and good fortune!


New Year’s Resolutions – What Are Yours?

Do you have New Year’s resolutions? What do you hope to accomplish in 2018?

Your list might be as short as … make it to 2019. That’s among my hopes for sure!!

I’m not a resolution maker. In fact, if you talk to most people who know me very well at all, I’m not even much of a planner, ever. I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. I wait until the last minute to get ready for a trip, to prepare for a dinner, to do most anything. I just don’t like to plan.

I drive my friends and family crazy because I alone am not a planner!! Everyone else wants to know when, where, how much! It is understandable. I don’t mind others planning for me. But don’t leave it to me. I won’t do it.

Usually. This year, or for 2018, I have several plans that have come to me just during the month of December. Why is this year different? I have no idea!! Maybe I am finally growing up! (I doubt it … and what’s more, I hope not!)

This year, my plans (not resolutions) are to:

  1. Read through my Bible. All of the way. I have never done it. I’ve started it but never finished. I hope this year will be different.
  2. Work on this blog regularly. I hope I can find interesting content and actually grow it to become a useful site, much like SchoolGrants was before it. (SchoolGrants was a site I ran for many years that focused on grant opportunities and more for K12 education.)
  3. I hope that I can learn about and use more social media tools. I’ve been listening to a book on tape about Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. I’m am trying to learn how those tools can help me grow this blog.
  4. I am going to start going to FitSteps for Life. This is an exercise program solely for cancer patients. It is available at no cost to the survivors. Your doctor has to complete paperwork in order for you to participate. My doctor has completed his part. Now, I have to do my part. I hope that I will like it so much that I might start going to our community center for additional workouts.
  5. I want to continue my involvement with Cancer Support Community, but I would like to grow that involvement. I just started art class with my friend Rose (you saw her picture on my blog about visiting the Arboretum). She’s the best at (1) finding interesting things to do and (2) getting me to go along with her to accomplish them!!
  6. Visit the Arboretum and start taking pictures again like I did several years ago. I got in the dumps and quit doing things that interest me. I have a yearlong membership to the Arboretum now. I need to use it! If I do, you’ll get to see lots of pretty pictures!
  7. Get back on the agility field. My dogs hope I am successful in meeting this goal!

So, what are your plans? Your resolutions? It just occurs to me that mine don’t really have much to do with cancer, other than participating in some activities devoted to cancer survivors. Do yours?