Port … Still Not Fond of It!

I am still not loving the port! I hope when I go for my next treatment, I will change my mind about how I feel about having this foreign bump under my skin! It is just so ugly!!

I asked Robert to take some pictures of how the port looks seven days after it was inserted (I always want to say “installed” … what’s that say about me??!!) You can see that there is still significant bruising. I called the doctor on Friday because I was still in some amount of pain from the port. Pain may be a bit stretched … but I was certainly aware that something had been done.

Today, Sunday, I don’t think about it constantly but when I sling my purse over my right shoulder, I remember it is there!! 🙂 Hopefully, by the time I have my next treatment – about 1-1/2 weeks from now, it will be sufficiently healed that I won’t be in a lot of pain when they poke through the skin to access the port!

2 thoughts on “Port … Still Not Fond of It!”

  1. No. I haven't really adjusted to it very well. I have high pain tolerance but it hurts a lot of times. And, I always seem to be protecting it from, for instance, the dog who will jump up on me when I'm laying on the couch. But, my veins are no longer being destroyed, so it's all good 🙂

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