Last Day of Christmas Break

Boo! Today is the last weekday of Christmas break. Back to the old grind comes on Monday. I’m not ready. Or am I?

These two weeks have flown by and I’ve accomplished nearly nothing. I’ve let myself be lazy – sleeping in until 8 or later; taking nice long naps. I tell myself I have no energy but is that a self-fulfilling prophecy or do I truly lack energy because of the chemo? I’m not sure!

Time to Play

Tomorrow I will test my energy levels a bit if the weather holds out. Cotton, Barney and I will go to agility class at the DAWG field. Getting out and playing agility with my dogs and my friends will probably be invigorating and I may find that I actually have a whole lot more energy than I have given myself credit for having this last week. I hope so anyway!

On Sunday, Barney, Cotton and I are truly going to test the limits of my stamina. We will be going to the Run as One agility trial in Terrell. I am so excited to be at a trial again that I dreamed about it last night! I woke up raring to go. Barney is going to have 5 runs and Cotton has 2 – I hope I can actually make all of those runs! We likely won’t make time, but I’m going to have fun anyway. I hope!

Snot and more Snot

I mentioned to Dr. Wilfong that I had had some issues with my sinuses after the last chemo treatment. I assumed it was because of the time of the year. But, instead, I learned that one of the drugs I am getting has the side effect of messing with your sinuses.

Well, let me tell you. My sinuses have been terrible – and I do mean terrible – since I had Chemo #2. I can’t blow my poor nose often enough. My ears are clogged. My brain is clogged. With snot. Lots and lots of snot. Can I just say? I HATE SNOT.

I do think it is finally getting a little better. I can go a few hours without having to blow out my innards. I can sleep at night in the bed instead of sitting up. So, after more than a week, there is an improvement. Yes!

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