Journey to Israel … Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is a coastal mountain range in northern Israel that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea towards the southeast. A number of towns are located there. Perhaps most notably, Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, is located on its northern slope.

In ancient times, Mount Carmel served as a barrier to traffic along the coastal plain. According to, “the 1500-foot high limestone mountain impeded armies and merchants traveling to the Jezreel Valley.”

Looking out from Mount Carmel on a very cold, foggy day

Elijah Challenges the Prophets of Baal

Mount Carmel is the site where the Prophet Elijah challenges Baal, considered the mightiest of the idol gods worshipped in Israel, to a contest to determine who was really God: the Lord, Yahweh, or Baal. For the challenge, Elijah asked King Ahab to send 450 prophets of Baal to meet him at Mount Carmel.

Elijah, at God’s behest, challenged the prophets of Baal to place a slaughtered ox on top of a wood pile and call for their Baal to light the fire to cook the meat. With much fanfare, the prophets pled with their god to send down fire to light the wood. No matter what the prophets did or how loudly they called upon their god, the wood remained unlit.

prophets of Baal begging that fire appear under their ox

When it was Elijah’s turn to prepare his ox for a fire, he had water poured on the wood and on the meat, just to make his God’s work a bit more challenging. When he called on the Lord God to send fire, the wood, meat, and all standing water were consumed in flames.

Fire consumes the wood, ox, and water

This display of the Lord’s power convinced those who were worshipping Baal to turn their allegiance back to Yahweh, the God of Israel. Subsequently, the crowd helped Elijah capture the 450 prophets before they could escape and Elijah killed them all. (For the actual Biblical account of the contest, see 1 Kings 18)

1 Kings 18:40. A victorious Elijah slays a prophet of Baal.

Visiting Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel, which means God’s vineyard or God’s garden, is a lovely place to visit. It is easy to see why it is a symbol of fertility throughout the Old Testament.

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