Journey to Israel – Getting There … and Getting Home … Part 2

When I decided to make the pilgrimage to Israel, I had never visited any country outside of the United States besides Mexico. And my forays into Mexico were just to border towns like Juarez, back many years ago when you could visit there without worrying about being murdered.

I had always imagined that airlines catered to passengers who were flying long distances, across oceans, to lands far-away.

Oh! How wrong I was.

I met my friend and travel mate (and fellow 6-year lung cancer survivor) in New York City. She was coming from the DC area and I am from the Dallas metroplex. My trip on Delta to JFK International in NYC was an easy one. It was roomier than I remembered Delta being, even though the jet was relatively small.

Packed in like sardines

Unfortunately, the same was not true for the Poland Airlines LOT flight to Warsaw from JFK. If you can afford to fly first class, you have plenty of room, but those of us who are on a more limited budget get packed in like sardines.


Seats right on top of seats … nearly

I have never been so surprised in my life! I had always assumed that international flights were quite roomy and luxurious. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I sat in the window seat on the 8+ hour flight to Warsaw. Once the person in front of me leaned their seat all the way back, I felt completely claustrophobic and panicked. I could not move, I could not even bring my purse up off of the floor to get chapstick. It was a horrible feeling.

Counting the minutes to touch down and a chance to stretch.

I dreaded the flight back to America the whole time we were in Israel. I didn’t dwell on it, but the occasional thought of coming home filled me with dread. Fortunately, on the way home, I was lucky enough to sit in an aisle seat.

Get an aisle seat!

Suddenly, I felt that I had much more room because I could lean into the aisle and use that extra space when I needed to get my purse or stretch my legs just a bit. If I ever fly internationally again, I will always try to get in an aisle seat.

We flew the red-eye flight to Warsaw. I think that really helped prevent jet lag. We slept – not much, but a little – on the plane. By the time we finally arrived in Tel Aviv and got to our hotel, it was after 10 PM, their time. So, we went to bed and got up on Tel Aviv time. I never felt jet lag while in Israel.

The same was true for the excursion home. We arrived at JFK at around 9 PM. By the time we got to our hotel, it was 10. We ate dinner and went to bed and got up on USA time. Now, I did sleep more than usual the following day. Whether that was jet lag or just exhaustion from being away from home for 12 days, I am not certain.

On the way to Israel, I packed a lot of things in my backpack. I had several changes of clothes, important soaps and lotions and inhalers, blankets and travel pillows, pills, pajamas, shoes, underwear … I also had my purse and a big travel bag into which my purse fit.

Don’t overpack!

My backpack was heavy. My purse was heavy. And because I felt like I needed to take everything I owned to Israel with me (I am being fictitious, but only slightly), my checked bag was heavy. I took too much. I won’t do that again!

On the way back home, I stuffed my checked bag full and lightened the load in my backpack. It was quite the relief not to be carrying 30 or more pounds on my back!

So, here are the takeaways. Don’t expect to have much room on your international flights. It won’t happen unless you can afford to fly first class, or at least, business class. If you have the money to choose one of these options, do it! I will have to make do with passenger class (is that what it is called?) but I will always try to get an aisle seat. It makes all of the difference in the world as to how cramped you feel.

Secondly, try to pack light!!! It is unnecessary to take everything and the bathroom sink! You will thank yourself for being frugal with regard to baggage weight as you move from plane to plane and hotel to hotel.

Trust me! I learned this the hard way!

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