I just wonder …

Do you ever start to write something and when you finish the piece … it has wandered to places you never imagined? That seems to happen to me all of the time.

I started a post this morning that was talking about the dearth of funding for lung cancer. I quoted the dire statistics associated with a lung cancer diagnosis.

While doing some research for the article, I listened to some videos that discussed the progress being made in lung cancer research. And, then I found an article by Dr. Gilliland, President and Director of the esteemed Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA.  Suddenly, I was filled with optimism!

My article ended completely different than it started. It started out somewhat hopeless and ended with the following quote from Dr. Gilliland,

I’ve gone on record to say that by 2025, cancer researchers will have developed curative therapeutic approaches for most if not all cancers.

So, now I am sitting amazed at the remarkable progress that our scientists and researchers are making toward finding a way to make even the direst diagnosis more palatable.

Can you even imagine a world … in just 7 short years … where a cancer diagnosis doesn’t equate to a death sentence?

Mind boggling! And so encouraging!!

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