how will you be remembered?

This was posted to  i may decide to answer some or all of the questions, possibly  here on my blog. In the meantime,  i want the questions here where i can them again!
How will you be remembered?
I shared with some of you a list of questions my granddaughter emailed to me. You may want to consider answering some of them for your family: 
1. How did your parents meet? 
2. What has been your favorite thing about being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother? What was your least favorite thing? 
3. What are you most proud of? 
4. Do you have any regrets? 
5. What are you most scared of? 
6. What’s your favorite song and movie? 
7. What advice do you have for me about life in general? 
8. Who is someone in heaven you wish you could have lunch with? 
9. What’s the most romantic thing papa ever did for you? 
10. What was the hardest thing about marriage? 
11. What do you think of when you see a sunset or the ocean? 
12. Do you ever miss living in Michigan? 
13. What’s your favorite place that you traveled to? 
14. What is your best memory from your childhood? 
15. What’s your greatest wish? 
16. What’s your favorite quote and why? 
17. Who is your favorite person and why?

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