Essential Oils and Me

I have been having more fun learning about essential oils! I can’t believe how much there is to learn.

I have made some of the most awesome butters (I learned that the difference between lotion/cream and butters is whether or not there is water involved). They combine beeswax, cocoa butter and/or jojoba oils … some products I’d never even heard of until a few short months ago.

Have you smelled cocoa butter? It has a strong chocolate scent!! I made a baby butt butter (say that fast 3 times) that has cocoa butter as a main ingredient. It smells strong in the jar, but not so bad once it is on the skin. It feels great. (No, I have no baby to put the baby butt butter on … but my class had the recipe, so I made it for me πŸ™‚ And, I’m glad I did!) I made some baby powder for my daughter-in-law to try. Just because it says it is for babies doesn’t mean we adults can’t enjoy it, too, right?

I made some lip balm too. Now, that was interesting! It starts setting up before you can get it in the tubes!! I think the next time I make some, I will have a better plan of action. It might have been a challenge to make (mostly just to get it into the tubes … and then to clean up afterward), but the lip balm feels great on my lips. And, it stays there a long, long time.

This is so much fun that I’m very strongly considering becoming a certified aromatherapist. How about that? Here I am. Aging day by day … at retirement age even under the best of circumstances … still being treated for stage 4 lung cancer … and thinking of going for a whole new career. Perhaps I need my head examined πŸ™‚

I am glad that my husband is as supportive as he is. It seems like every single day a new delivery comes – whether it is essential oils or carrier oils or waxes or bottles and jars … I have a whole apothecary these days! A new package will arrive and he’ll say, “What’s that?” My response is always, “I don’t remember. It is like Christmas around here every single day!”

My biggest challenge right now is deciding where to go to start working on my certification. There are several online schools that are really interesting to me. I’ve taken some free and paid classes through one of them and I really, really like the person teaching, but I’m taking an involved free class with another person who I really like, too.

Anyone else involved with essential oils? Let me know! (Most people just roll their eyes at me when I tell them I have gotten so involved. Would love to find others who are as interested in them as I am!)

(Extra credit question: Do you see a problem with some of the products in the accompanying picture? Answer: some have no labels… big mistake!! I have a few bottles hanging around that have no labels. I have no idea what they are. I’m afraid they’ll have to be thrown out πŸ™ )

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